PDB18-International Workshop on Pattern Databases and Large-Scale Search

Freie Universität Berlin and Zuse Institute Berlin
Takustr. 7
14195 Berlin

Lecture Hall (R 2005) and Seminar Room (R 2006), ground floor, round part of ZIB building
Hints for visitors

Tentative Workshop Agenda

Day 1 - October, 4th, 2018

12:00   Arrival / Welcome

13:00   Alexander Reinefeld, ZIB and HU Berlin
            Opening and Introduction

Session 1 - Pattern Databases
13:10   Stefan Edelkamp, King's College London
            Pattern Databases In Search and AI Planning (.pdf)
13:30   Florian Pommerening, University of Basel
            Introduction to Cost Partitioning (.pdf)
13:50   Jendrik Seipp, Uni Basel
            Cost Partitioning Algorithms for PDB Heuristics (.pdf)
14:10   Robert Clausecker, ZIB and HU Berlin
            Better PDB Heuristics for Sliding Tile Puzzles (.pdf)

14:30   Coffee

Session 2 - Automated Pattern Selection
15:00   Santiago Franco Aixela, Huddersfield University
            Cost-Optimal Planning with Complementary Pattern-Databases (.pdf)
15:20   Ionut Moraru, King's College London
            Automated Pattern Selection using MiniZinc (.pdf)
15:40   Moises Martinez Munoz, King's College London
            Bin Packing Strategies for Pattern Selection (.pdf)
16:00   Silvan Sievers, Uni Basel
            Pattern Selection using CEGAR, a talk by Alexander Rovner (.pdf)

16:20   Coffee and Cake

Session 3 - Large-Scale Search
16:50   Alvaro Torralba, University of Saarbrücken
            Large-Scale Symbolic Search (.pdf)
17:10   Christopher Pockrandt, FU Berlin
            Optimum Search Schemes for Approximate String Matching Using Bidirectional FM-Index (.pdf)

19:30   Dinner

Day 2 - October, 5th, 2018

Invited Talk
  9:00   Ariel Felner, Ben Gurion University
            Early Work on PDBs (.pdf)

  9:45   Coffee

Session 4 - Data Structures
10:30   Knut Reinert, FU Berlin
            Binning directories: An efficient data structure to query k-mers in partitioned string sets (.pdf)
10:50   Christopher Pockrandt, FU Berlin
            EPR-dictionaries: A practical and fast data structure for constant time searches
            in unidirectional and bidirectional FM-indices (.pdf)
11:10   Alexandru Burdusel, King's College London
            Optimisation Methods For Model-Driven Engineering (.pdf)

Session 5 - Applications
11:30   Adam Schienle, ZIB
            Large-Scale Search in Flight Planning (.pdf)
11:50   Gerald Gamrath, ZIB
            Heuristic and Exact Search in Mixed-Integer Programming (.pdf)

12:10   Stefan Edelkamp, Knut Reinert, Alexander Reinefeld
            Conclusion and final remarks

12:30   Farewell / End of Workshop